Justfog Minifit preview

For the health-conscious cannabis enthusiast, finding a shiny new vape inside their stocking will surely light their face up with a smile. But you don’t have to break the bank to bless a cannabis consumer with endless amounts of joy. Here’s all-in-one Pod list from AVE40 in January 2018, which will get you covered with all the best enclosed-system devices to match your budget.


        Vladdin Kit     Joyetech eGo AIO ECO Kit     SMOK FIT Starter Kit    SMOK Infinix Starter Kit 250mAh 

Today I’d pick the newest one for you. As the first pod type device newly released by Justfog, ”Minifit Kit” is the stunning and noteworthy pod to meet various needs of vapers, especially for newbies. Lovely as its name, the Mini Kit is quite tiny with the size of only 21*15*70mm and the weight of 19.9g! So long as you are pursuing convenience and lightness, it must be your solid choice.

                       JUSTFOG MINIFIT Starter Kit 370mAh $14.44


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